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What Does it Mean When Someone Needs to Get Laid?

When someone needs to "get laid" it means they want to have sex with somebody. If people go too long without fucking another person your body can tell you it is time to get out there and find a fuck. Masturbating can be lots of fun and less of a hassle than meeting people to sleep with, but after awhile you need to have sex with another human being in order to satisfy your natural need to reproduce.

As the song goes "sex is natural, sex is fun, not everybody does it, but everybody should" and as far as mother nature is concerned everybody SHOULD get laid at some point in time or your hormones will go into overdrive.

How Do I Get Laid Tonight?

That is a bit of a loaded question as there are several factors to consider when trying to find somebody to fuck. Are you physically attractive? Do you have game and the ability to talk your way into a woman's panties?

If you are a female the answer should be rather easy as lots of men will bang pretty much any girl who moves, just ask a guy if he wants to fuck you, most men will say yes.

If you are having trouble finding sex hookups right now join a meet to fuck site as all the people on the site will be looking for the same basic thing, somebody new to jump into bed with. If you NEED to get laid fast here are some dating sites where you can meet to fuck tonight that will help you find horny singles nearby.

What to Say to Get Laid?

If you have game then getting laid is a lot easier so saying the right thing to a woman can be an art form. Different strokes for different folks means there is no easy thing to say in order to get a woman to fuck you.

Try asking nicely in a complimentary fashion. Or just be direct and go with "wanna fuck right now?" and see how it goes. The more people you ask to have sex the more likely you are to find someone to have sex with, so try and try again until somebody says yes.

Does Getting Laid Make You Feel Better?

Ask a silly question, get a direct answer. YES getting laid makes you feel better most of the time. Unless the sex is bad or you have regrets in the morning over who you just fucked last night. If you need to feel better fast here is a fuck buddy finder site that will help you start hooking up with some horny fuckers who live near you.

How About a Happy Ending Tonight?

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